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Removal and Replacement 

Revive the look of your cracked driveway, chipped patio or discolored garage floor with a professional concrete repair. Apollo Concrete works on job sites throughout the Chicagoland area. Whether you own a home or run a business, you can receive quality repairs that can extend the life of your concrete. The team can patch a crack, reinforce failing substrates or level out uneven planes.

If your cement is in good condition, you should consider refinishing. You can obtain a unique flooring for a nominal extra cost. Refinishing works best for interior floors, but it can also be accomplished in certain outdoor living spaces. Technicians apply acid or water-based dyes to recolor your basement, kitchen other floors.


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Sometimes the mending and refinishing processes are not enough. If your concrete is beyond repair, think about resurfacing instead of replacing your slab. An expert installer applies coatings on top and then restyles the surface to your specifications. You can retexture a flaking pool deck or patio to make it slip-resistant, transform a boring gray sidewalk into a welcoming herringbone brick path or reseal a garage floor with epoxy so it can withstand heavier traffic.

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There’s no doubt that crumbling concrete can hurt your curb appeal, although the problem is more than just an eyesore. Shifting, crumbling, or deteriorating concrete can signal damage beneath the structure as well. Address the problem and contact Apollo Concrete. Get the most out of your property—our concrete services stand the test of time!

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