Concrete Patio

Concrete Patio

Apollo Concrete offers only the best concrete patios. By using decorative techniques you can transform your concrete patios through the use of a variety of concrete finishing techniques such as staining, stamping, texturizing and coloring. When you combine these techniques the possibilities for your patios are endless.

Adding unique and beautiful concrete patios to your home can instantly boost the curb appeal and value of your home while providing long-lasting durable beauty for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.


Turn to us for professional concrete services, including foundation repair, patios, driveways, garage floors, steps & more!

Adding or refinishing a concrete patio will provide you and your family with more space to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Whether sitting and relaxing on your patio or enjoying walks on your beautifully finished concrete sidewalks you are sure to enjoy the beauty which concrete finishes can add to your home.

So, whether you want to convert unused outdoor space to the patio of your dreams or if you have an existing patio space that needs to be replaced, we are here to help. We can provide you with the expert insight and advice you need to determine the type of stamped concrete patios you would like installed while also explaining the different options you have to choose from in order to help you to make an informed decision based on the needs and desires of you and your family.

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There’s no doubt that crumbling concrete can hurt your curb appeal, although the problem is more than just an eyesore. Shifting, crumbling, or deteriorating concrete can signal damage beneath the structure as well. Address the problem and contact Apollo Concrete. Get the most out of your property—our concrete services stand the test of time!

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